Please read below to learn about all of the systems we have right here in our office. Click on the logo to go to the website where you can learn many more details.

CEREC One Visit Dentistry

We can now make crowns, onlays, inlays or veneers in one visit, here in our office. No more wearing a temporary for 2-3 weeks! CEREC technology will give you a precisely-designed, color-matched and extremely durable restoration in just one office visit. We know how precious your time is to you, and we want to help you save some of it!

ScanX Digital Radiography (X-RAYS)

Digital x-rays allow dentists to see what is happening beneath the visible oral tissues and between the teeth. These x-rays are important and necessary in order for the dentist to properly assess and diagnose problems. Radiation from these x-rays is extremely low and they pose a much smaller risk than leaving dental problems untreated.

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System

VELscope allows the dentist to see cancerous or pre-cancerous tissue before it becomes visibly apparent. By shining a blue excitation light into your mouth, abnormalities may be revealed that can then be evaluated. In most cases, VELscope will show nothing of concern and will only take a few minutes during your regular check-up. With one American dying from oral cancer every hour of every day, we think those few minutes are worth it.

Odyssey Navigator Soft Tissue Laser

This product from Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. is the latest in diode laser technology. The primary function of our laser is to remove or modify inta-oral soft tissue, many times without anesthesia. It can also be used to treat deep periodontal pockets that can harbor bacteria. The longevity and pain caused by cold sores and fever blisters can be greatly reduced when treated with our soft tissue laser as well. There are many benefits to this system, and in most cases, the procedures are very quick.


Diagnodent This device aids in the detection of dental caries (tooth decay). Even the smallest lesion can be detected by measuring laser fluorescense in the tooth structure. Teeth with decay will exhibit fluorescense where healthy teeth will not. The procedure is very quick and painless. Bascially, it involves scanning the tooth’s surface with a small handpiece. Detecting caries (decay) early will result in smaller fillings and the loss of less tooth structure.

Isolite Systems

Isolite Systems The Isolite mouthpiece is soft and flexible, and it helps to retract and protect the tongue and teeth. This system helps the dentist to work faster, brighter and drier. It makes your appointment more comfortable by keeping moisture and debris away from your throat, and by helping you to keep your mouth open. The built-in block bite allows you to comfortably rest your jaw during your procedure. All in all, Isolite will make your visit more pleasant, and it enables the dentist to work more efficiently.

If your planner is filled weeks in advance and you need a visit to the Dentist, give us a call. With early morning hours, noon appointments and downtown availability, we can accommodate your busy schedule and get you back to tackling the challenges of everyday life!